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Medusa Salon Hair Care

At Medusa Salon, we have researched many product lines over the years in an ongoing attempt to bring to our customers professional Hair Care Products that offer quality, performance, and value. This is not an easy task, as many professional Hair Care Product lines are prohibitive in price .

However, rest assured that if you are looking for quality Hair Care Products to maintain your style, and the condition of your hair, that we have put in the time, sampling and research to provide our clients with the best possible products that fit our criteria --- QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and VALUE! With these important criteria in mind we have partnered to offer you the following 2 high quality Hair Care lines. One of which, is our very own Medusa Salon hair care line! The second is John Masters Organics!

John Masters Products


" MEDUSA SALON hair care line features:
Breakthrough Biomineral technology:
Thoroughly researched and clinically tested, our exclusive Biomineral Technology uses natural mineral sources + botanical protein catalysts to deliver what’s most important to your clients: Healthy manageable hair that is smooth, soft and strong, shines, and holds its color. Each of Medusa Salons private label hair care products contain a precise dosage of minerals and protein catalysts uniquely designed to achieve results you can see and feel. Of course, our all natural shampoos and conditioners are sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben and gluten free.

"How it works: Our Biomineral Technology collection combines the deep penetrating properties of minerals with botanical protein catalysts to deliver the nutrition benefits healthy hair needs. When carrier minerals like quartz, rhodochrosite, and bismuth are perfectly paired with botanical protein catalysts such as pumpkin seed protein, quinoa protein, and silk protein the building blocks of healthy hair are replenished and repaired deeply within the hair shaft for lasting results.

Results you can see and feel: Our anti-aging, collagen-building, and thermo-protective properties leave hair beautiful, strong, and manageable with lasting color hold. Whether our clients’ hair needs nourishment, moisture, volume, taming, or hold, Medusa Salon private label hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins, and styling products, work to sustain hair’s innate wellness and beauty.

" JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS hair care line features: Feel good about looking good Caring about yourself and caring about the earth don't have to be mutually exclusive. For over 20 years, this has been the guiding force in creating Super Natural Beauty for your hair and your skin.

John Masters Organics grew out of my desire to create a luxury beauty line that treats the earth with respect. The result is the culmination of the hard work performed by people all over the world. Their dedication to growing and harvesting organic and wild-crafted ingredients is honored at John Masters Organics. We only get one body, and we only get one planet. Why not treat them both with the utmost care? I didn't want to deal with chemicals and synthetics everyday, and I truly believed that when given the option, others would feel the same. Why use synthetics when natural products work better and are safer for the environment? This labor of love has yielded over 50 sumptuous hair care and skin care products. It gives me great pleasure to share this Super Natural Beauty with you.

Why use harsh chemicals in shampoos, styling products, skin moisturizers and soaps?
They were created as cheap substitutes for organic compounds that do a better job." –John Masters. John Masters believes that synthetics have a place, but it’s not on the body. With this simple philosophy, he launched one of the most highly regarded organic beauty lines in the world. Adhering to stringent standards for natural, wild-crafted and organic ingredients, John Masters Organics continues to be considered the luxury line for natural beauty. We invite you to come to Medusa Salon and browse our selection of products, we would love to recommend just the right products to fit you ,and your hair care needs !